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Portland is a growing city, and therefore is abuzz with construction! After a new house, apartment complex, or commercial building goes up - likely the windows will be flecked with paint, covered in drywall dust and other debris; plus they have  the manufacturers stickers still on the windows! It can be rough to find a window  washer who will take the time to gently and thoroughly clean the windows, both      inside and out.


   Bridge City Window Cleaning understands that, and we're more than happy to       wash the windows on a newly constructed building. However, since construction  makes quite a mess, our regular rates are increased. Each window ranges from about $18 per window, all the way to $28 per window based on a few factors:


  • Second Story & Higher Work - We have to be face-to-face with your window in order to get all the flecks of paint and debris off, work that would normally be done with a water-fed pole will have to be done carefully with a ladder!

  • Amount of Debris - We get it, construction can be messy! Some windows get hit with more paint or drywall mud than others, if a window is visibly covered in tricky debris it will take longer to clean.

  • Manufacterers Stickers - Some windows have them, while others don't. It's very time consuming to remove stickers from every window, while still being careful not to scratch the glass


If you're interested in having Bridge City Windows take care of your construction cleanup, please contact us directly (either through email or telephone), and we can set up an estimate!


Thank you for your understanding,


Jairus and Josie Gould

Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Window Washers!


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